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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and  when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6
​Infants,Toddlers and 2K Classes

Our infant and toddler programs offer a safe, loving Christian environment where children feel secure and loved.  Our nurturing teachers prepare activities that encourage learning while interacting with our children.  Our 2K teachers assist in toilet training, as well as preparing their students for the preschool classroom.
3-Year Old Preschool Class
Our goal is to provide each child with an experience that fosters a love for school and learning.  Throughout the day, there will be opportunities for children to learn to get along with each other, take turns, share and work independently.  Our 3 year olds work on recognizing their name in print, counting to 10, recognizing numbers, and identifying shapes and colors.  To enhance classroom learning each 3K class attends weekly specials which include music, happy feet (developing gross motor skills) and chapel.
4-Year Old Preschool Class
Four year olds participate in large and small group activities.  We use learning centers with a theme-based approach to prepare them for Kindergarten.  While academic readiness is stressed, students enjoy playing with friends and work together to develop and learn valuable social skills.  Emphasis is placed on building confidence and learning to be independent.  This is all done in a happy, healthy, loving environment.  Our 4K students are introduced to basic Spanish and they go on several field trips during the year.   Students also attend Music, Happy Feet, and Chapel classes weekly.  Monthly Nutrition and Gardening classes, lead by our Registered Dietitian offer our 4K students the opportunity to learn about healthy eating.
Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed to strengthen all aspects of a child's development.  We believe in the importance of a literacy-rich setting.  We stress the basic academics; however, emphasis is also placed on behavioral and social skills.  To enhance Math and Reading skills, the teachers work with small groups twice a week.  This allows for individual attention and encouragement.  The many hands on activities in math, language, science and social studies, ensure our students are well prepared for the First Grade.  RDS continually receives outstanding feedback from local elementary schools that our students later attend.  Nutrition and Spanish classes are offered in addition to the weekly Music, Happy Feet and Chapel.  Educational field trips and special programs highlight the Kindergarten year.  
All Kindergarten teachers are certified and licensed with the state of Alabama.
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