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Happy Feet

Happy Feet is our equivalent to P.E. The children are able to work on gross motor skills by doing several different activities in the gymnasium. This is separate from outside recess.


Every class goes to Music once a week. As the children get older, they are introduced to different instruments and may be involved in special programs. The 3K and 4K classes have a music appreciation week and we invite the parents to come watch class. Our Kindergarten classes will participate in a Christmas Pageant.



The children learn about nutrition throughout the year, trying new foods that are nutritious. Also, the children are able to learn about gardening. We have a dedicated space for both classes including a small garden behind our playground.



Each 4K and Kindergarten class has a special instruction time with our Spanish teacher each Wednesday.



Each week the children have Chapel which is a special time for our students to learn about God and His love for us. The older ages will focus on fundamental Biblical character.

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